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. . .to celebrate God’s presence, to live with respect in Creation . . . 

“A New Creed,” The United Church of Canada

The worship life at Emmanuel has two main related purposes, to gather the Emmanuel College community together for the public worship of and witness to God, and to provide a supportive environment for students to learn about and practice different forms of worship leadership, including engagement with the College’s increasingly intercultural and interfaith context. The Interim Director of Chapel, Faculty Advisor and Director of Music will frequently follow up with worship leaders after their leadership for conversation and reflection to discuss strengths, challenges, and areas for continued improvement and learning.

The Worship Team

Interim Director of Chapel: Becca Whitla
Faculty Advisor: Bill Kervin
Director of Music: Lim Swee Hong

Student Worship Coordinators
Oliver Dingwell 
– Coordinator of Music Leadership
Carmen Llanos Acero 
– Coordinator of Midday Prayer
Jason Meyers – Coordinator of Communications
Joseph Yong Kim – Coordinator of Supplies & Vestry


We invite all members of the Emmanuel community to share any comments and suggestions with any members of the Worship Team by email, in person or as comments on this website.